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Yuvees at The Fixin’ To

Clanging industrial disco on acid. A joyful cacophony of hysterics. Yuvees inspire visions of David Byrne, Hunter S. Thompson, and black and white art films projected on studio walls, circa 1977. Manic manifestos with a strong sense of character. Cinematic. Rhythmic. Explosive.

Yuvees won’t be contained by simple labels. “Post-punk.” “Indie rock.” No. They are theater for the mind. Quirky. Dynamic. Explosive on stage.

The band headlined at The Fixin’ To on April 13, 2023, with many of Portland’s most notable local musicians in attendance, and have earned their place at the heart of the scene with some of the most creative recordings and contagious live shows in town.

Your next chance to see them live is coming up on May 6th at Polaris Hall with legends @hammeredhulls and @ex_intelligence, and be sure to check out their new single, BIG DIG, on Spotify.

Learn more about Yuvees at https://yuvees.bandcamp.com

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