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Vews and the Vibes at Jack London Revue

Let’s talk about hype. Some groups just bring it, no matter where they sit in the line-up, and Vews and the Vibes are a fantastic example. They kicked off a night of funk, hip-hop, and pop at Jack London Revue 4/14 with such energy and excitement, it would have been easy to assume they were headlining. Lead vocalists Vews (@pointofvews) and Rain Ezra (@rainezra) blasted off the launchpad supported by guitarist Jib Nazareth (@jib_ro_), bassist Cam (@bassed.cam), and drummer N̶0̶F̶8̶C̶  (@f8cl3ss0n3), bringing the crowd to its feet and filling the air with joy and excitement from the very first note.

But there’s more. In addition to playing supporting shows all throughout Portland, they’re also the force behind Spring Fest Connects, a two-day festival, hosted at the The Urbanite May 19th & 20th, featuring dozens of Portland’s finest local artists, spanning virtually all genres. This promises to be the event of the Spring. You must be there.

Learn more about Vews and the Vibes at https://worldvews.com

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