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Twilight Cafe & Bar Reopens To Local Acclaim

It’s not every day that I get to review the opening of a whole new music venue in Portland, but today is just such an occasion. Twilight Cafe & Bar has officially reopened in a brand new location after shuttering during the dreaded pandemic over two years ago, and folks, it was worth the wait.

The psychedelic decore, simple yet delectable vegan-friendly menu, modern lighting, and outstanding sound system combine with a generous 150-person capacity space (with full stage view wall-to-wall) to produce one of the finest venues of its size in Portland. I dare not disparage the many other fine music rooms in this city, but Twilight might just have set the bar at new heights.

It seems even on Reddit many local music fans are still unaware of the reopening after its relocation from what is now Mano Oculta on SE Powell, and admittedly I was one of them until today, but I’m here to tell you, this place is set to become a standard in the local scene and is conveniently located within easy walking distance of fellow stallwarts Lollipop Shoppe, Swan Dive, The Get Down, and The Coffin Club.

Get out to a show as soon as you can, and bands, book now. This place is gonna be a hot ticket as soon as the word gets out.

Don’t miss the first set of official PDX pics below 👇

Learn more about Twilight Cafe & Bar, including a list of upcoming shows, at https://www.twilightcafeandbar.com

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