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TV Viking Debuts at Swan Dive, Conquers Portland

TV Viking came out swinging with their debut show at Swan Dive, Nov. 18, 2023. From the first power chord forward, it was clear that every member of the band had both the talent and experience to light up a rock ‘n roll stage, and they delivered to the final note. Here’s the full line-up:

Glenn Henrickson – Lead Vox+Noise
Cathleen Arnerich Brown- Bass Synth
Nora Murphy Hughes – Drums+Backing Vox
Travis Goldberg-guitar
Marty Smith- Guitar

Locals down with the scene will remember Marty, Cathleen, and Glenn from the pre-pandemic era band The Slutty Hearts, and drummer Nora is a legend, not only as the frontwoman for The Hollow Sidewalks but also due to her tireless efforts booking local festivals and clubs, from Lose Yr Mind Fest to Six Below Midnight, and most recently Swan Dive itself. 

This band rips, and if there’s a God, we’ll be seeing much more of them in 2024 and beyond. Be amongst the first to give ’em a follow, and prepare to impress your friends with the facts when you saw them here first.

Learn more about TV Viking at https://www.instagram.com/tv_vikingpdx

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