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Titans of Industry Throw Down at Holocene

Bear with me, friends. There are bands that SOUND like other bands, and then there are bands that PERFORM like other bands, and if your band performs like a legendary band, you’re on the path less traveled.

Allow me to introduce you to Titans of Industry if you haven’t already made the acquaintance. They perform like a motherflippin brick house – and specifically, like MC5, if that rings a bell.

And who is MC5, you might be asking yourself? Well, you see, they were simply the godfathers of Detroit punk rock as we know it. Proto-Ramones, and big brothers to Iggy Pop.

Are the Ramones and Iggy the same? Absolutely not. Is MC5 like either one? No, not really. And do Titans of Industry sound like any of the above? Nope. They sound like Titans of Industry, but they perform like MC5, which is to say, they rock the house with unhinged soul, stage gyrations, and audience intimacy one rarely comes across in the modern scene.

This is a band worth seeing live even if you hate their music, but if you LOVE their music, as I do, it’s a barn-burner of a night out.

Let me get to the point… I saw them on January 23rd at Holocene, a Portland Music Month showcase that was delayed by icemageddon, and rescheduled for a Tuesday night. Billy & the Kidz and Left On Read were also on the bill, and all knocked socks off, but the Titans punched above their weight in the middle slot and made a believer out of me.

I could go on, and likely will in future features, but I’ll end the gushfest by proclaiming that theirs was one of the stand-out performances of 2024 so far. They know how to rock. They know how not to take themselves too seriously. They know how to make you feel special for seeing a show. They are a gem in the Portland music scene, and I think they’d do well to book a ton more shows this year until the rest of the scene catches on.

In the meantime, I have good news for you. You can see them March 17th at The Bomber, and April 17th at Holocene, the very place these photos here were taken. 

Do it. Just click the links, check out the pics below, and we’ll see you out here.

Learn more about Titans of Industry at https://www.toitheband.com

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