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The Wild Jumps Punk It Up At Kenton Club

The Wild Jumps took the crowd for a ride at the World Famous Kenton Club on Feb. 9th, 2024. The band’s combination of hard-hitting punk, political and social messaging, and rowdy stage antics epitomize the Portland punk ethos. It’s about unification, mobilization, and determination to have a good time while shouting down the forces of hate and marginalization that persist in modern society. 

They put on a thrilling, high-energy performance, and I would strongly recommend that you get out to see them at The Fixin’ To on March 10th and the Twilight on April 26.

Give them a follow and check out their Bandcamp profile for a sampling of the greatness they bring to the world.

Learn more about The Wild Jumps at https://www.thewildjumps.com

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