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The Upkeeps Kill at Mano Oculta

The Upkeeps (@theupkeepsofficial) are one of the best live bands in the Portland Music Scene today. Their power pop-meets-classic punk style is captivating in its own right, but their power and energy on stage is exceptional. Few bands conjure the pure spirit of rock & roll the way the Upkeeps do, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the scene catches on.

You can see them for yourself at three upcoming shows this month: July 11th at Shanghai Tunnel Bar, July 21st at Six Below Midnight, and Lollipop Shoppe on July 23rd.

Check out their debut album, Radio Deathwish on Spotify or the streaming service of your choice, and be sure to give them a follow on Instagram and Threads. This band is going places.

Learn more about The Upkeeps at https://theupkeeps.bandcamp.com

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