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The Slants Play Their Farewell Show at Dante’s

It’s time to pay some respect to one of the most influential bands from the Portland music community in the past decade. The Slants fought and won a Supreme Court case over the use of their own name and released a slew of full-length albums, some killer merch, and an autobiographical book, while playing live shows internationally since 2006. In a word, they are legendary in the truest sense of the word. And sadly, Saturday night, October 14, 2023, was by all accounts their final show together in Portland. This performance took place at Dante’s and was one of the finest combinations of lights, sound, musicality, and pyrotechnics that I have seen since PDX Presents was founded. It was an honor to see the band perform at all, let alone at their final show here, but I do have some good news. They are releasing a farewell album, “The Band Plays On,” this Friday, Oct. 20th, which should be available on the download or streaming platform of your choosing. We can only hope that their members will continue to create new music here locally, but let’s give some praise now for a band that put it all on the line, and will be remembered fondly for their impact on a generation of local musicians and the modern music community.

Learn more about The Slants at https://theslants.com

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