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The Showdown

Located in SE Portland, The Showdown specializes in Country, Country Western, Alt-Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and Americana shows but is open to hosting bands of all genres including rock, blues, and many others. Founded by the owners of Dante’s, a premiere hard rock club in town, the aesthetics are supurb, the stage lighting and sound are excellent, the bartenders are experienced and friendly, and it’s an all-around solid club to both attend and perform in for local and national touring artists.

Venue Information

1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202



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Additional Info

TECH SPECS STAGE & AMENITIES 18 feet wide by 13 feet deep at front (curved front) by 16 inches high. Comfortable private green room downstairs with private bathroom. Back door load-in right next to stage right. One step up. SOUND FOH/Monitors 1 Midas M32 with 6 available on stage monitor mixes available also run from FOH. All running through a Midas DL32 stage box off stage right. 1 16×4 sub snake for upstage. 1 8×4 sub snake for downstage. MAINS 4 QSC K12.2’s for tops. 2 QSC KW 181 subs flown. MONITORS 6 QSC K12.2s MICS 10 SE V7 vocal mics 8 Audix i-5 instrument mics 2 Audix f-6 kick mics 2 Audix f-5 snare mics 6 Audix f-2 tom and percussion mics 4 Audix f-9 pencil condensers 1 Behringer BA-19 boundary mic DI’S 4 Radial J48 active DI boxes 6 Samson MD1 passive DI boxes. MIC STANDS 10 tall boom 10 short boom 4 tall straight CABLES 40 20′ XLR’s LIGHTING Control ADJ Compushow on a PC AKAI APC40 UPSTAGE 7 MEGA-LITE Babycolor Q70s 4 Thomman Vintage bowls 6 Chauvet Intimidator 260 spots DOWNSTAGE 5 MEGA-LITE Babycolor Q70s 2 Chauvet Intimidator 260 spots ATMOSPHERE Chauvet Hurricane 2D hazer controlled from the lighting console.