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Swish Slays at Mud House

Swish is a force to be reconned with. Not only are they a punkish, funk & soul band tearing it up on stage, but lead singer, Genevieve, and her partner, Daniel Stumpf of Billiken, are also the founders and resident hosts of Mud House, a DIY venue in SE Portland throwing some of the hottest college parties in town. 

The March 18th festivities began with a local craft fair, followed by a long night of loud music and bright lights. (Let’s just say, they have forgiving neighbors.) Swish, Billiken, and Mud House will all be featured again here in the near future, but here’s a small taste of what’s to come. If you’ve been looking for the DIY scene, you’ve come to the right place, and if you’re down with funk, punk, & soul, give ’em all a follow and check out their upcoming shows, at Mud House and beyond.

Learn more about Swish at https://www.instagram.com/swish.band

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