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Swan Dive Into Nothings

Oh, it’s a vibe. Is it psych rock, garage, indie, or just a mental journey you have to be on to understand? It’s Nothings, and that’s for sure. This band has a thing about them I like, and I like even more live. It’s a little danger, a little excitement, a little depression, a little joy. It’s a lot worth seeing, and I had my chance at Lose Yr Mind Fest on Sept 9th, 2023 at Swan Dive. There were a few banger performances this night that will be featured in sequence as part of this PDX Presents Archives series, and though I wish there was a date on the calendar to pin, I am glad to report that they are heads-down in the process of recording more new material, and I promise you, they are worth following for future updates. They are joy. They are emotion. They are a part of what makes this city great. Check them out on Spotify and/or the streaming service of your choice. They make great company above all.

Learn more about Nothings at https://nothings.bandcamp.com

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