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Simple Shapes at Lollipop Shoppe

I admit it, I’m a sucker for indie-psych, and every once in a while I stumble across a band I can’t believe I haven’t already seen. Simple Shapes were just such a discovery at Lollipop Shoppe on Thursday, 5/16/24. They describe themselves as “kinda moody, kinda groovy,” which hits the mark, and others have called them “emo-adjacent.” Whatever the adjectives for their sound might be, they had a joyous presence on stage, and even the lizard visuals seemed to appreciate the performance. They’ll be playing next on June 18th at Eastbank Esplanade on the Willamette River, a non-traditional yet scenic setting perfect for an early-summer evening out. Catch them alongside @mealwormpdx and @dollarsignstheband. Give them all a follow for details, and we’ll see you out here!

Learn more about Simple Shapes at https://simpleshapes.bandcamp.com

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