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Rhododendron Triumphs at Hawthorne Theatre

Perched at the top of the all-ages scene here in Portland is a hard-rocking trio with progressive, punk, metal, and emo influences, known as Rhododendron. Established in 2019, the band not only survived the pandemic’s moratorium on live music, but has emerged as a true powerhouse in the local community.

These photos were captured on March 2nd, 2024 at Hawthorne Theatre, one of the larger venues in town with a reputation for attracting national touring acts. Few local independent artists have the draw to pack the place out, but alongside fellow rockers Growing Pains and Twistur, the place was filled wall-to-wall, front to back, leaving the 21+ fans in attendance wishing the venue had opened up the balcony bar, both for the birds-eye view and a bit more space to mingle. These are hardly complaints about the bands themselves however, as each delivered knock-out performances of their own, but it is a testament to the combined popularity of all three bands on the bill.

Rhododendron used the performance as a kick-off for one of the more impressive western-US tours this year, taking them as far south as San Diego, CA, eastward to Denver, CO, Houston, TX and Oklahoma City, OK, and north to Boise, ID, where they will once again make an appearance at the acclaimed Treefort Music Fest

Rumors are swirling that a new EP is the works showcasing a slightly different sound than they established with their 2021 release, Protozoan Battle Hymns. We’ll have to wait a little longer for an official announcement, but there will be plenty of fans lined up to hear it when the news finally drops.

The band:
Ezra Chong – guitar/vocals
Gage Walker – bass
Noah Mortola – drums

Check out the streaming links and photo gallery below!

Learn more about Rhododendron at https://instagram.com/rhododendronpdx

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