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Rainezra Coo Era and The Bad Table

Rainezra, Coo Era and The Bad Table at Atlantis Lounge 12/1/23

Friday, December 1st (2023): The stage at Atlantis Lounge was lit up in a deep ocean blue and festively adorned with a slender, yet bushy evergreen. The wintertime holidays, an engagement, and even a birthday were all celebrated in various ways by three soulful and powerful acts. The Bad Table, Coo Era and Rainezra put together a bill elaborately woven with Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, R&B, House, Rock and Soul.

Musical arsonist “The Bad Table” busted out his table full of loopers, effects pedals and synths, and combined them with guitar and vocals to create a sound that was laid back and vibey, but loud and powerful when it needed to be. His remixing of classic breaks and thumping beats provided the perfect backdrop for the party he knowingly and intentionally lit fire to.

Hip hop showstoppers “Coo Era” preceded their set with a cake to celebrate trombonist Jeff Chilton’s 31st birthday. The real recipient of a gift though was the audience who received the hour of elite flow and lyricism laid atop live band instrumentation that they had been asking for all year. MCs Elameen and Tyre Pinlight with the help of Majik9 spoke to undeniable truths such as the answer to the question “What should you do if your man has been doing you wrong?” with their song “Fry His Ass”. Bassist Cory Heppner and drummer Scot Cowherd stitched together an unwavering pocket that was intricate and lively. Kyle Christofunkafanelli may have visually been tucked away on the smaller stage, but the sound of his harmonically foundational keys playing certainly wasn’t. Saxophonist Matt Sulikowski and the aforementioned birthday trombonist provided the emphatic jolts that helped skyrocket Coo Era into its high-energy orbit. 

Rainezra, also known as “The Acoustic DJ” closed the night and had to follow up an act that filled up the entire stage. With the help of harmony vocals from acapella group mates Mia Keeler and Inian Bordine, Rainezra and her acoustic guitar filled the entire room with her Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and R&B sound. Her originals were catchy and painted a story of her journey through life and love. She also performed elaborate mashups, casually weaving through sometimes at least five or six different soulful bangers from the past to the present. TLC, Justin Timberlake, Childish Gambino, Khalid, Ghost Town DJs and several others were featured in her setlist. It would’ve been difficult to list or remember them all even immediately after the show. Her vocals were stunningly impressive. Her ability to captivate an audience with nothing more than herself, an acoustic guitar, and some phenomenal background vocals was equally so. She can even beatbox.

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