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Welcome to PDX Presents, where you’ll find live concert photography, music playlists, artist and venue features, and information about the explosive Portland Music Scene.

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New Injuries Plays Friends of Noise

New Injuries is a Trip-Hop/Afro-Futurist performance artist featured in the 2/11 Friends of Noise show hosted at JaJa PDX. They’re a liquified mix of samples and raw emotion that blend into a spectacle one just has to see to understand. Check out the profile and keep an eye out for future shows.

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We Are PDX Presents

PDX Presents is a state of mind, a perspective on a post-pandemic scene in Portland, Oregon. What began in global lockdown has resulted in a shift in society, a deepening of the arts, and a search for meaning in an ever more chaotic world. This website and the media contained herein are born of the same spirit.