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Mauve at Hoan Kiem

If you’ve never seen an authentic encore, allow me to (re)introduce you to Mauve, potentially the hottest rising stars in the Portland music scene today, and the fifth and final feature from the 3/28 show at Hoan Kiem, produced by @Hanuri.Kim. Closing out the night as the clock struck 10pm, curfew, it seemed the band had played its final song, but as they unplugged their guitars and started to pack up, the crowd began to wail and chant. They wanted more, and couldn’t take no for an answer. A brief on-stage debate ensued, and finally, the trio relented, finishing off an epic night of music with @Weezer‘s seminal hit, “Say It Ain’t So.”

It’s impossible to describe the frenetic energy that Mauve is known to produce. It’s a mixed scream of frustration and tears of joy. It’s skate-punk-meets emo, with flashes of Nirvana, defined by high-tempo, precision grooves and supported by some of the hardest pounding, best-sounding drums on stage. They’re known to draw hundreds of fans to their all-ages shows, yet have just one song posted so far online. (Rumor has it, a debut EP is in the works.) Perhaps you’re hearing it here for the first time, but Mauve just might be the next act to explode out of Portland onto the national scene. Time will tell, but if encores are any indication, they’re well on their way.

Learn more about Mauve at https://linktr.ee/mauvetheband

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