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Mauve Album Release Party & Review

Portland’s hottest rising band, Mauve, celebrated the release of their debut album, About The Weather, with a sold-out show at Mission Theater on Friday, July 18th, 2023. Check out this review from guest contributor, Eames, and enjoy the pics below.

About The Weather Album Review

On July 18th the beloved local emo band Mauve released their first album titled “About The Weather.”  I’ve been looking forward to this album since their first single “20,000 Degrees.”  The album opens with “Dawn,” a song filled with raw emotion in both the instrumentals and lyrics. Mauve’s instrumental styling takes inspiration from the midwest emo sub genre (think  Sunny Day Real Estate as opposed to American Football) but with a faster pace. This pace leads to the always enjoyable combo of a slightly upbeat instrumental with angsty lyrics. This brings an incredible energy exemplified in the single “Oh My God!” but felt throughout the album.  On the vocals, Olive absolutely kills it. Their vocal performance amplifies the lyrics and emotions, on faster songs like “20,000 Degrees” and “Drive/Threw” as well as in the slow and personal feelings present in “Will.” The song “Will” is the standout example of pure emotion that runs through the entire album. When it comes to the album as a whole, the songs flow nicely into one another. There’s a second instrumental track titled “Dusk” which works as a nice reprieve before the second half of the album. The album ends with my favorite track “Sun”.  Much like the title, a song this good isn’t something you come across everyday here in Portland. So if you have any interest in what’s happening in the local music scene, give this album a listen. You will not regret it!

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