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Lone Fir Cemetery Celebrates Summer

Anyone else missing Summer right about now? From the PDXP archives, this set from Lone Fir Cemetery was captured at a backyard party on July 7, 2023. Emo fans have fallen in love with the group, and their latest album, Meet Your Antagonist, is just one of the reasons why, with the songs Renfield’s Syndrome and Notes From My Daydream standing out as streaming favorites. I’m a personal fan of their 2022 single, Recreational Hope, which has been on heavy rotation in the PDX Presents Spotify playlist since its release. Lead singer and guitarist, Miles Cottrill, recently relocated to Los Angeles but appears to be keeping one foot in the PNW.

My favorite feature of any LFC show is the invitation for one fan who has never done a stage dive to get the chance in a safe and supportive way, no matter the size of the audience. I was blown away, and well-entertained, to see the tradition continue at this intimate performance, and the bonding moment it creates for all in attendance is a feature any rising band can take note of. 
If you’re lucky enough to see them playing locally in the near future, I can’t recommend the experience enough. Give them a follow and keep an eye out. They’re a gem in the all-ages scene.

Learn more about Lone Fir Cemetery at https://lonefircemetery.bandcamp.com

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