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Keddie’s Resort at Hoan Kiem

Portland’s most infamous band, Keddies Resort, damn-near blew the roof off of Hoan Kiem on a stormy night, March 28, 2023. Their crowd has come to define the all-ages scene in PDX, and it’s easy to see why. This power trio punches above its weight, with a striking mix of alt-rock, punk, and harmonic pop sensibilities. They bring a great sense of humor to the stage, mocking rockstar stereotypes, but it’s clear that they take their music seriously. When they’re not inducing indoor crowd tornados, you can find them playing generator shows under bridges and in the basements and garages that have served as the backbone of underground youth culture in Portland for years.

Check out their latest single, Plastic Head on Spotify, and spend some time with their first EP, Makita, released in the face of the global pandemic freak-out. (LUMP is a personal favorite, currently featured on the PDX Presents Playlist.)

Here’s to the future of live music in the Pacific Northwest. The kids are alright.

Learn more about Keddie’s Resort at https://keddiesresort.com

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