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Ignoring Olivia, Backyard Party 7/7/23

Practically from the moment Ignoring Olivia made the jump to Portland from N. California in July ’23, they were ride-or-die with some of the hottest bands in town, including Black Shelton and the American Dream, and Lone Fir Cemetery, among others. After a brief hiatus to catch their breath, they’ve begun rehearsing and will be playing at No Fun Bar April 30th.

These photos were captured on July 7, 2023 at a backyard house show on a beautiful summer evening. This set is the first of nearly 30 in the PDX Presents archives that will be published in sequence as of this post. Stay tuned for new pics daily, and keep an eye out for Ignoring Olivia in the scene. They bring the party.

Learn more about Ignoring Olivia at https://www.instagram.com/ignoringolivia

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