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greaterkind at The Get Down

Portland jazz/funk/R&B/hip-hop ensemble greaterkind warmed up the stage at The Get Down for Seattle big band True Loves on Friday, March 24, 2023. Flowing, ethereal instrumental jazz moments effortlessly woven with deep-cut pocket funk captured a crowd ready to be moved physically and emotionally.

Creative and inspiring lead and rhythmic work from guitarist Peter Knudsen sat comfortably behind the wheel, driving with thoughtful and inventive comping, as well as hefty pocket stuffing reminiscent of right-hand legend Cory Wong.

Charlie Brown was emphatic on the organ and electric piano, his fingers dancing across the keys as he propelled the band into soaring high-energy movements with his passionate and skilled improvisation.

Aptly named for his playing (in a good way), bassist Yuck was sweet and strong whenever the moment called for it. Yuck is a player that lifts and releases you with their groove, occasionally popping out with head–turning melodic runs that leave a certain look across your face (once again fitting of the name).

Drummer Cory Limuaco may be one of the most versatile in the city. In many situations playing with different acts requiring prowess in multiple genres, he excels and grabs attention with his melodic, musical playing. He shines often while simultaneously hoisting the foundation for the band with the strength of Atlas.

greaterkind grabs the mood and doesn’t let go until they leave the stage. They provide a guarantee that groove will be felt and eyes will widen for all in attendance. Their versatility allows them to serve any crowd, from more sit down traditional atmospheres such as Portland’s premier jazz and pizza oasis The 1905, to a room begging to move their feet like the one they warmed up for True Loves, and every space in between. The next time Peter, Charlie, Cory and Yuck take the stage as greaterkind, do not miss out.

Learn more about Greaterkind at https://www.wearepeoplemusic.org/greater-kind and follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/greaterkind/

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