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Firkin Tavern

No-nonsense neighborhood bar featuring pool tables, frequent live music & a heated, covered patio.

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1937 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97214



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Additional Info

“The Firkin Tavern is tucked into Southeast Portland. Before opening in 2011, the space was a sports bar and before that, a colorful institution called The Jolly Inn, which saw a mention in the documentary Kurt & Courtney. It’s now a family-owned operation, with manager David Ginotti running the bar. “I have no problem saying this at all, we’re a dive bar,” he says, “The goal for me here is to always have a place that is very comfortable, where people always feel welcome.” It’s a non-pretentious place to hang out. Dark lighting, a simple bar, Medieval Madness pinball. There’s also a huge seating area and a heated patio with lovingly graffitied picnic tables. Humble as it is, the Firkin has some charm.” – Eleven PDX