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Family Worship Center Single Release Party

Family Worship Center absolutely ripped at Bunk Bar on Saturday, May 27th, in-between equally stellar sets by local favorites Hell Nancy and Dommengang (more galleries on the way!) The group was a featured performer at this year’s Tree Fort Festival and have been highly active at home and on the road throughout the PNW. If you haven’t seen them yet, trust me, they’re worth the price of admission, and throw an amazing show.

They’ve been in the studio this past year with renowned local producer, Cameron Spies, and will be releasing their debut album, Kicked Out Of The Garden, on Corporat Records Sept. 8th. See their profile for a killer selection of vinyl and merch-bundle options available to pre-order today, and be sure to check out the lead single, The South, on the streaming service of your choice.

Learn more about Family Worship Center at https://linkr.bio/familywarship

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