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Dommengang at Bunk Bar

Oh my god. Dommengang. Rounding out a three-part series from Bunk Bar on 5/27, featuring the single release party for Family Worship Center and a wicked performance from Hell Nancy – it was Dommengang that finished off the night with a performance one might never expect to see in such an intimate setting. They had just returned from the other side of the Earth, with 15+ European dates throughout May, spanning London to Prague, and will next make their way to Los Angeles for an album release party at Permanent Records Roadhouse honoring Mammatus, but it’s Portland, Oregon they call home, and it was truly an honor to witness them on native soil. “Deeply psychedelic” is a term referenced in their official bio, and is absolutely an apt description. If Pink Floyd, Black Keys, and Jefferson Airplane humped a wah pedal while producing a soundtrack for an Oliver Stone blockbuster, it might sound something like this. It’s droning waves. It’s piercing guitar. It’s distant vocals and a backbeat you could ride a horse to, on acid.

Anyway, it’s worth a watch if you’re into that sort of thing. Absolutely solid. Available now on the streaming platform of your choosing, and another proud example of the world-class musicianship Portland lays claim to. Cheers, y’all. And see ya next time.

Learn more about Dommengang at https://linktr.ee/dommengang

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