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Black Water

Happening nightspot with creative cocktails & pub eats with vegan options, plus live bands.

Venue Information

835 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232



Booking Contact

(503) 281-0439



Additional Info

Black Water is a live music venue and vegan bar located in Portland, Oregon. The club is known for its punk and metal shows, as well as its dark, gothic atmosphere. The venue features a large stage, a full bar, and a vegan food menu. The name “Black Water” may be a reference to the polluted waterways that have plagued the city of Portland in the past. The club has become a popular destination for fans of underground music and alternative culture in the city.

Kingsley at Black Water

Kingsley was absolute 🔥at PDX Pop Now Tuesday night, live at Black Water 8-23-22. Sadly, it was her last show in Portland before she heads off to London but we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from this rising star.

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