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Black Shelton Plays Swan Dive @ Lose Yr Mind Fest 2023

With every Black Shelton show I see, the more I am convinced that we’re witnessing the rise of a local legend. There simply is no comparison with any other artist that captures the essence of modern culture the way he does. Racial fury, serious musicianship, metal-meets-soul fusion, lof-fi samples, a frickin’ theramine, and a heart of gold. It’s not just the message but the messenger that makes for such a powerful impact. It’s passion and love and anger and art, all in one dynamic package. A new album is on the way. He plays tomorrow night at a secret all-ages house show you can learn more about from @gloomhouse_pdx, and those of you who get out to see him now will have bragging rights for a generation. He stands alone in the Portland underground music scene.

This set is from his debut performance at Swan Dive, @Lose Yr Mind Fest, 9/8/23, with a surprise assault & stage take-over by (allegedly) Lo Fives, another dynamite Portland favorite. 

Learn more about Black Shelton at https://blackshelton.bandcamp.com


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