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Black Shelton at The Boat House

One of the most exciting shows in the Summer of ’23 was Black Shelton and the American Dream at The Boat House in N. Portland. If you’re a regular in the scene, you might be asking yourself, “where the heck is ‘The Boat House?'” and that was part of the excitement.

It’s a non-venue – a parking lot hidden behind railroad tracks in Industrial North Portland. The uncommon setting was a perfect compliment to a non-traditional, post-4th of July celebration thick with the irony that even our past presidents cannot always be trusted to uphold the ideals of social justice and racial equality. I can think of no more suitable an artist to rally such a crowd in the spirit of unity, and TRUE patriotism, than Black Shelton and the American Dream. They were named the PDX Presents Artist of the Year just a few weeks later in recognition of their purpose, power, and prolific contribution to the local music scene and will be headling at Twilight April 4th.

This will be a show fondly remembered by all in attendance.

Learn more about Black Shelton and the American Dream at https://blacksheltonandtheamericandream.bandcamp.com

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