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1876 Sets Kenton Club On Fire

1876 is a band unlike any other, in Portland or beyond. Not only are they a powerhouse punk band deserving of respect for their musical prowess alone, they have literally coined the term “Pow Wow Punk Rock,” an homage to their Native American heritage, representing the Northern Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Comanche, and Oglala Nations. Their songs are fast, catchy, and loud, interwoven with culturally impactful messages of racial history and social injustice.

Their latest single “Whistles At Night” is an absolute banger – the kind of song you can’t help but sing along with on the first spin, and my gosh, singing along at the top of your lungs from the pit in a packed-out club is an other-worldly experience. These ain’t no hipsters out to impress their friends – 1876 is a cultural movement born of history and built to educate the masses. They’ve attracted thousands of new followers in 2024 and appear to be on a national trajectory. See them in a small club while you can, if you can. I predict that they’ll soon be playing festivals and headlining much larger venues.

This collection of photos was captured at Kenton Club on Friday, Feb. 9th 2024 in N. Portland. Every band on the bill slayed – best I’ve seen in that spot, and those artist features will be coming up later in the week as well.

These are the good old days in Portland, Oregon, my friends. Powerful times. Fun times. And a perfect era to get out and become a part of history.

Learn more about 1876 at https://www.1876band.com

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