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1876 Explodes at Volume Bomb

The world’s only ‘pow-wow punk rock’ band, 1876, got things off to a firey start at the 2023 Volume Bomb festival in Portland, OR 8/26/23. It was a ceremony of rage, injustice, hope, and pride that truly stood out amongst a sea of noise during the one-day, five-stage, 58-band extravaganza. 

The group proudly represents the Northern Cheyenne, Blackfeet, and Oglala Nations, with a lyrical mix of both native and English languages throughout. Although 1876 must be seen live to be fully appreciated, their 2022 release, DGAF, is a strong representation of the passion and power they bring to the stage.

They are now hitting the road for a string of shows throughout the US and Canada but will be back in Portland on Oct. 13th at Bossanova Ballroom. Get your tickets now, and we’ll see you there.

Learn more about 1876 Band at https://www.1876band.com

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